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Androgynous Looks 

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Androgynous Looks - women in fitted blazers, snazzy ties and tailored suits

Fresh from the Fashion Week 2011 runways androgynous looks have been all the rage, but ladies wearing menswear is also hitting the red carpet! Celebs like Penelope Cruz, Reese Witherspoon, Annalynne McCord, Jennifer Aniston and Evan Rachel Wood have been rocking fitted blazers, snazzy ties and tailored suits. Just this past week at the 6th Annual International Rome Film Festival, Penelope wore a tuxedo-influenced ensemble that included a black blazer, a white high-collared oxford shirt and black flared pants.

This girlish take on a masculine look is a trend that’s perfect to try for chillier temperatures, a night on the town and the upcoming holiday season.

Category: jacket, coat, suit, pullover, dress, top, t-shirt  (clothes)
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Lily_G says: She looks hot
annuska says: Androgynous looks are sexy and trendy anytime
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