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Original 1975 ski print from when skiing still ruled the slopes!
Shoulder pads are back
Dresses with cut-outs around the hips!
red and white plaid sweet lolita dress from japan
Stripes - an all-time fashion highlight
Short bridal dress
digital print fashion
From green, red to purple: Who needs a skirt if you have a great fitted tunic like mini skirt t-shirt. Combine it directly with matching stockings to get an eye catching look!
autumn colours 2008
Colourful spring dress
fruit motifs are an easy-win of the spring/summer 2011
Street cool
blouse or t-shirts that shows "accidentally" your breast or parts of it - sensual clothing
scarf with digital print. It is a modern printing technology to Digital Ink-Jet machine. Prints are no screens, special colors are jets directly on the fabric. Number of colors is limited only by motives.
One shoulder dress with a bow strap
a perfect replica of the millitary jacket, in black
New romance
Bustier cloth
Mistura de elementos masculinos e femininos
Hazy Shade Bomber Jacket, Laser cut-out
Spring dress
O preto e o branco em verdadeira fusão!
mixture between futurism and oriental inspiration
The huge neon trend from the '80s is making a big comeback in 2011/12 in a modern way
Short tunic dress in solid black polyester. Zipper at side and buttoned straps.
dresses in lurid colours
Anti-Globalisation-T-Shirt with reverse logo names
Androgynous Looks - women in fitted blazers, snazzy ties and tailored suits
Digital print fashion have taken the fashion shows by storm in autumn 09
Bright citrus prints -the confections featured lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits.
Animal print is making a comeback yet again in 2011, with leopard prints topping the list
Crop top paired with high waist skirt
Jumpersuit, romper, one piece outfit - necessities of summer 2010
The recessionista look - good quality at sale price. The word recessionista was created in June 08 by Mary Hall - as an hommage to new shopping strategy in the time after the credit crunch


Collection fall 2011: Baggy, oversized jacket
Dress like Napoleon
a perfect replica of the millitary jacket, in black
Mistura de elementos masculinos e femininos
Shirts with logo emblems - back from the late 80'
Anti-Globalisation-T-Shirt with reverse logo names
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