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Untitled (red ant) 

(Peter Kogler) visit website

A red ant which bites and then sprays acid on the wound - the ultimate symbol for our performance society - a hard working person always ready to react on attacks

Enamel varnish on aluminium H 160 x 160 cm – H 59 x 59 inches Unique

An examination of Kogler’s most famous motif, the one that undoubtedly guaranteed his success, proves exemplary. Take the generically accepted image of the ant. For it is ants, of all the inferior animals (invertebrates), that have most attracted the attention of mankind. Who has not stopped once in his life to contemplate the incessant parade of a column of brown ants while enjoying a walk in the forest? Who has never felt the painful bite of red ants when sitting in the grass for a picnic? Which housewife has not one day been very surprised indeed to find the sugar bowl under threat of imminent attack by an army of little black ants or minuscule yellow ones? Wherever man goes, as long as his feet touch the earth he is forever bound to come across these little insects. It is certainly this very omnipresence and apparent proximity that have caused men of all times and all civilizations to be intrigued by the tiny creatures and to have sought a better understanding of them. More from Gallrey Mazzanin

Category: painting, photo, sculpture, others  (art)
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