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Diamond Skull 

(Damien Hirst) visit website

It took about eight and half thousand diamonds to completely cover the surface of the skull

Hirst's diamond creation is art's costliest work ever Compared with the epic works that have made his name - the shark in formaldehyde, the bisected cow - Damien Hirst's work in progress is a small, delicate object: a life-size human skull. Not just any skull, mind, but one cast in platinum and encased entirely in diamonds - some 8,500 in all. It will be the most expensive work of art ever created, costing between £8m and £10m. Unveiling his latest work exclusively to The Observer, Hirst said: We have been buying diamonds slowly and have worked out that it will take about eight and half thousand to completely cover the surface of the skull.

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michael says: cool stuff
Guest says: In August 2007 sold for GBP 50 Mio or 38 Mio. The scull is covered by 8601 diamonds!
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