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Puma Tabia 

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Rainbow design

A long time icon in everyday sports footwear for the active woman. Puma shoes have been on peoples feet since 1948. Waraku offers you a great selection of this iconic German sneaker, both domestic and imported womens fashion. TABIA $100.00 Color RAINBOW Material Cotton Canvas Style # 343566-01 TABIA

Category: casual  (shoes)
Rating: 1182
Number votes: 3825 (won: 1953 lost: 1872)
Rank: 25

The rating process of the last 5 battles:
rating result date opponent
1182 lost Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:28 PM here
1190 won Thu Mar 23, 2017 08:45 PM here
1182 lost Thu Mar 23, 2017 06:57 PM here
1190 won Thu Mar 23, 2017 02:00 PM here
1182 lost Thu Mar 23, 2017 12:47 AM here
Guest says: Rainbow shoe!
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