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What is

The global trend scout network

Join the global trend scout network. Meet trendy people and coolhunters. Exchange information and know the lastest news in life-style and culture. Start your trend consulting. Our coolhunter ranking shows highly talented coolhunters. Companies can easily contact these coolhunters for trend consultancy.

The DNA of style is the e-voting platform (called the "DNA of style") for new products and ideas and the global trendscout network. brings trends from the streets directly to the web by publishing uploaded digital cam or cellular-phone photos from users. Here, site visitors decide what's hot or what's not by voting on uploaded pictures. is an inspiring shopping guide too as every picture on our site is linked with further information on the item and online order possibilities. The's central trend knowledge database (category rankings, archives and exclusive trend services) is accessible to all contributors. With online market research and marketing concepts, representatives around the world help brands optimize their products and marketing communication. We turn research results to market solutions.

What can do for you:

  • See the truth: See the newest products and ideas, vote and find out how popular they are.
  • Analyse yourself: Vote for items and see whether your preferred style is majority or individual style.
  • Save your time: Subscribe with our monthly newsletter and be first to see the most popular items
  • Start your own consulting: Join the global trend scout network, meet trendy people and get involved the global analysis projects
  • Promote yourself or an idea: Upload an item or survey and get feedback from trend scouts all around the world
  • Get known: Send us your cool ad, we will publish it on free of charge (promotional offer only)
  • If you want to become a key contact of in your country write an email with subject key contact to us.

Talk to us.

Michael Hänni
co-founder of

Send an email to: touch[at]
Call our global center: +41 76 260 11 53

receive monthly product/idea ranking summary, youth culture report, the newest ideas and styles from around the world.


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