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Civilians stand up against the global financial sector that represents to them pure greediness and the main reason of the break-down of many economical systems in 2008-2012    Protect and care for animals 

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CMIYC – The New Craze of Lovers with Whatsapp

  Here is a story about a new game that may has contributed to Whatsapp's recent record figure of 27bn processed messages (tweet from 12th June 2013; 10bn messages sent and 17bn messages received within 24 hours) - another milestone in the history of a great mobile disruptor, if not currently the greatest. Another amazing figure is the average number of… go to article


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Hazy Shade Bomber Jacket, Laser cut-out (more)
Crop top paired with high waist skirt (more)
Meggins - Not so long ago, a man in fitting tights evoked associations with gays, or at least with the cast of ballet. But the year 2013 could be a turning point in this issue: tight leggings are the latest trend in men fashion (more)
Androgynous Looks - women in fitted blazers, snazzy ties and tailored suits (more)
The huge neon trend from the '80s is making a big comeback in 2011/12 in a modern way (more)
Comfortable and sexy ;) (more)
O preto e o branco em verdadeira fusão! (more)
Mistura de elementos masculinos e femininos (more)
Ripped denim jeans (more)
Dresses with cut-outs around the hips! (more)

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