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the Adidas 1609er is a reintroduction of the Original Adidas Miler (1609 is the number of metres in a mile).

Not content with being leaders in cameraphone and multimedia technology, Sony Ericsson has decided to put the two Walkman and Cybershot brands together in the new Satio. This means an industry-leading camera, a full range of multimedia playback options

Botellón - gather in public areas to consume alcohol - preferably bought in big bottles from supermarkets

The revolutionary tablet computer, great presentation tool

scarf with digital print. It is a modern printing technology to Digital Ink-Jet machine. Prints are no screens, special colors are jets directly on the fabric. Number of colors is limited only by motives.

digital print fashion

digital print fashion

Digital print fashion have taken the fashion shows by storm in autumn 09

Slacklining - walking on a rope as sport
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