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Meggins - Not so long ago, a man in fitting tights evoked associations with gays, or at least with the cast of ballet. But the year 2013 could be a turning point in this issue: tight leggings are the latest trend in men fashion

The world's first tablet pc with dua corel processor and Honeycomb (Android 3.0)

Edison2 - the greenest car in the world with 100 MPGe - is the winner of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE 2010, a $10 million competition to inspire a new generation of super fuel efficient vehicles

Snake skin gladiator sandals

Work out while working. To increase our health we should be able e.g. to walk one or two miles while doing our work. It's not difficult...

MP4-12C with double wing doors, 600 horse powers, 3.8 liter motor, chasis made of carbon, in 10 sek to 200 km/h, price approx. EUR 220000

The same like Iphone 4, with Super AMOLED 4" screen, with Android and 5 MP camera
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