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yoshi AKAI makes beautiful, functional music and audio equipment with a steampunk touch.    The world made smaller by instant messaging with language translation 

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CMIYC – The New Craze of Lovers with Whatsapp

  Here is a story about a new game that may has contributed to Whatsapp's recent record figure of 27bn processed messages (tweet from 12th June 2013; 10bn messages sent and 17bn messages received within 24 hours) - another milestone in the history of a great mobile disruptor, if not currently the greatest. Another amazing figure is the average number of… go to article


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electronics (back)

Flexible Digital Paper (more)
A watch like a mobile phone (more)
Glass enables never seen video footage (more)
HTC One: Ultrapixels, Zoes, Blinkfeed and more (more)
The revival of Blackberry - own OS, own App market, bigger screen than iPhone 5, 8 MB pix camera (more)
The first phone designed for the household with a 360 degrees loudspeaker and a smart hands-free switching system. (more)
Best screen, most adavanced technology (e.g. NFC) (more)
With Window8. Same experience on smartphone and desktop and tablet (more)
Bigger, faster, lighter. with new headsets (more)
The feature Siri lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. (more)

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