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Black L-2B Blue Ant Flying Jacket 

(Buzz Rickson) visit website

a perfect replica of the millitary jacket, in black

This black William Gibson L-2B Flying Jacket is lovingly crafted in deference to the advertising agency, Blue Ant; a name all fans of the 'Pattern Recognition' novel will immediately recall. The lining of this jacket is absolutely beautiful, fabricated from the correct rayon-and-wool blend as found on issue L-2B jackets of the 1950's but in a complementary pale grey that has been hand screened with the scripted text, Blue Ant Tokyo. The L-2B is a delight to wear, providing a superb balance of weight to warmth (functions from 70 degrees Fahrenheit '42 degrees Fahrenheit), and will glide on your body with no effort at all, thanks to the slick-feeling, double-faced lining. This jacket is an all-American classic that looks as great today as it did in 1953, and it functions with many different clothing applications - surely this will fast become a favorite item in your wardrobe. Scorn the cookie-cutter look of 'mall' jackets and grab a piece of 20th century American history that combines style with durability and utility. Other than color, this 'William Gibson Collection' Black L-2B Flying Jacket captures all of the design features found on the standard, military-spec.

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