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Ranking Women (30 Days)


1)   autumn colours 2008

2)   Bilt Prior; Danmark
3)   Dresses with cut-outs around the hips!

4)   Effie Peg Trousers
Printed peg style trousers, abstract contrast print style, high-waisted longline design

5)   The recessionista look - good quality at sale price. The word recessionista was created in June 08 by Mary Hall - as an hommage to new shopping strategy in the time after the credit crunch

Ranking Women (All Time)


1)   Statue of Liberty & Penguin Onesie Jumpe
From green, red to purple: Who needs a skirt if you have a great fitted tunic like mini skirt t-shirt. Combine it directly with matching stockings to get an eye catching look!

2)   autumn colours 2008

3)   Black Or White
O preto e o branco em verdadeira fusão!

4)   blouse or t-shirts that shows "accidentally" your breast or parts of it - sensual clothing

5)   Street cool

Ranking Men (30 Days)


1)   Meggins
Meggins - Not so long ago, a man in fitting tights evoked associations with gays, or at least with the cast of ballet. But the year 2013 could be a turning point in this issue: tight leggings are the latest trend in men fashion

2)   Dress like Napoleon

3)   Oversized 'Plaster' Effect Pantrsi
Oversized linen trousers treated with a ‘plaster’ finish. These fasten with a drawstring waist so fit flexibly, they have a dropped waist and soft ribbed cotton cuffs.

4)   Trianglo Trackpants
Trianglo Trackpants

5)   in the swimming pool
for kids and grow ups - like me like you

Ranking Men (All Time)


1)   Fall 2011
Collection fall 2011: Baggy, oversized jacket

2)   Shirts with logo emblems
Shirts with logo emblems - back from the late 80'

3)   in the swimming pool
for kids and grow ups - like me like you

4)   Dress like Napoleon

5)   Trianglo Trackpants
Trianglo Trackpants

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