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Ranking Women (30 Days)


1)   Geometric pageboy style

2)   Hell Glam

3)   Strait Styling Schwarzkopf
4)   Star Treck inspired hair cut
Star Treck inspired hair cut

5)   Minx
Minx - metallic manicures

Ranking Women (All Time)


1)   Tattoos have special meanings

2)   Geometric pageboy style

3)   Nude Lips
Nude lips - new minimalism - a natural lip shade with luminous natural skin tones

4)   sharp shaped bob
sharp shaped bob

5)   Volahiku
Bob hair cut

Ranking Men (30 Days)


1)   Greek curls

2)   Male Rounded Bob

3)   short messy haircut with bangs

4)   Stylish step cut
5)   Tattoos have special meanings

Ranking Men (All Time)


1)   Tattoos have special meanings

2)   Hitler youth hair cut
Hitler Youth haircut

3)   Male Rounded Bob

4)   Jeans + Jeans
Abuse do estilo jeans mais jeans.

5)   Greek curls

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